Updated December 21, 2021

Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Kredily.com website (the “Kredily / “Site”), operated by PeopleProsper Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated under the Companies Act 2013 (“we”, “us” “our” or “the owner”). Your use of the Site or use of any of the services offered on or via the Site is subject to these terms and conditions.

You should read these terms carefully before the use of this Site. Browsing, access and use of this Site means that the visitor agrees to these terms and conditions. The user becomes legally bound to these terms, guidelines and policies entirely at the time of browsing the website. Those who cannot follow these terms and conditions may not use the website.

As a first condition. you must be 18 years or older, have the requisite power and authority to enter into these terms, truthfully and accurately provide all required information, including a legitimate email address, and obtain a unique username and password.

Acceptance of agreement  

The agreement of using this Site refers to the agreement between the user and the Site owner (i.e. us) for using the Site. This agreement supersedes the representations, warranties and prior agreements regarding this Site. This agreement matters for the contents, products, services and subjects. We reserve the right to amend the agreement any time according to the requirement without sending any notification to the users. Whenever the agreement would be amended, the new agreement would be posted in the website and the user is expected to read the agreement before using the website.

This document uses the following nomenclature for various kinds of Users:

  • Clients/Company: refers to companies that have signed up on the Site.

  • Users: refers to Employees empanelled on the Site/Kredily Platform by the Client/Company. Administrator signing up on behalf of the Client/Company is also deemed to be a User.

InstaCash Enabled by Default for all Employees  

Kredily will enable InstaCash by default for all your Employees. InstaCash will enable Employees to meet urgent cash requirements and is being offered as a facility at no extra cost. Please note that InstaCash facility is subject to your continuous use of Kredily’s Payroll & Salary Payout features and credit approval of our partner lenders.

Privacy Policy  

The privacy policy of the website has been mentioned in a different page (Privacy Policy)

Your acceptance to our Policy by registering or visiting the Site represents your consent to us for collecting the information. You also express your consent for the use and disclosure of the visitors’ personal information according to the Policy. By using the Site, you also agree to abide by our terms and conditions (the “Terms”). If you have any queries, you can write to us. Please feel free to send us an Email on hello@kredily.com.


When you register to the Site and make an account, you agree for following terms:

For –

  • Providing full, updated and exact information in application and registration forms;

  • Keeping it password-protected;

  • Maintaining and updating registration data and other information submitted by you;

  • Being responsible for the risk of unauthorized access to the information provided to the Site. The user will be responsible for the activities and the charges implemented for the Kredily account.


The site is currently being offered Free to Use, subject to Free Storage of 250 MB per company. We reserve the right to change prices at any time without further notice.


Being a user of the Site, you represent and certify that –

  • Charges invited would be fulfilled by you and your credit/debit card company;

  • The credit card information submitted by the you should be accurate and complete;

  • The charges incurred upon you regarding the price and additional GST would be paid by you only.

Service marks

Kredily software, Kredily online and Kredily are the service marks of our service. Kredily, the company names and products of the company mentioned on the Site are also our trademarks.


The site protects the content, graphics, magnetic translation, digital conversion, design and similar matters under applicable copyright and trademarks. The user cannot copy, use, publish or distribute these elements of the Site until it is allowed under the agreement.

Restrictions and prohibitions of using the Site  

The user’s license for using and getting access to the Site and its content is restricted under following conditions –

  • The user is restricted from displaying, republishing, transmitting, renting, selling, leasing or making any otherwise use of the site or any portion of the Site.

  • The user may not use the Site or its content for development of any database, information or storage system in order to be distributed commercially. Also, the information developed from the data of the Site is prohibited for involving sales, lease, subscription and license.

  • The user cannot create derivatives or compilations of the Site’ contents.

  • The user is not allowed to use the content of the Site by infringing any copyright, proprietary right or property right of the owner.

  • Removal, change or obscuring any copyright notice or terms of using the content of the Site is prohibited.

  • Use of any manual or automatic process for extracting information from the Site is not allowed.

  • Availing any portion of the Site through internet by any technology in present or future is prohibited.

  • Removal, decompiling, disassembling or reversing the Site software or using any network monitoring for determining the architecture of the Site is strictly prohibited.

  • Using the Site for collection or transmission of the information is prohibited.

  • Unsolicited Emails for commercial purpose are prohibited.

  • Emails which utilize invalid domain names, deceptive addressing or headers are prohibited.

  • Export of the Site by violating the export control laws is prohibited.

  • Use of the Site in the manner that it causes violation of any law or rule is prohibited.

Messaging Channels  

Kredily will message Admins on Whatsapp, emails and SMS. Kredily will also message Employees via Whatsapp, emails and SMS channels on behalf of the HR Admin. In case a Company doesn’t have an HR Admin, then the messages will be sent on behalf of the Admin (CEO).

The scope of messages includes:

User Activation links Custom links (individual specific) that will allow a user to activate their account on Kredily. Sharing Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Salary Payout, Expense Payout Reports & Analytics with Admins (Company/HR/Finance/Management), as applicable. Sharing Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Salary Slip etc with Employees on the platform as the case arises.

Reminders for Attendance to Employees. However, Reminders can be switched off on request to support@kredily.com

Messaging Policy  

From time to time, Kredily reserves the right to message users on the platform, including:

  • Admins

  • HR Admins

  • Finance Admins

  • Company Management

  • Employees

This messaging is specifically for the purpose of:

  • Employee Activation

    Employees added by a Company need to logon to their account at least once, via the custom activation link shared with them.

  • Users that do not activate their accounts will be considered inactive and would be candidates for deactivation.

  • Informing Admins (Company/HR/Finance/Management) about changes in the Kredily Platform, new updates

  • Sharing Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Salary Payout, Expense Payout Reports & Analytics with Admins (Company/HR/Finance/Management), as applicable

  • Sharing Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Salary Slip, Reimbursement Slip, etc with Employees on the platform as the case arises

  • Offers including but not limited to Financial Products, Discount Voucher, Gifting and others.

Limitations of License and Use

The user is offered a non-transferable and non- exclusive license for following uses –

  • For accessing the Site according to the agreement;

  • For using the Site for non-commercial and personal purpose completely.

The services offered by the Site are for the personal use of the visitors; not for reselling, lease or any other purpose.

Consent for Access to Financial Products  

  • Users consent to allow Kredily to query their credit bureau & score when they apply for a loan, salary advance or any other relevant financial product via the Platform

  • This credit bureau query WILL NOT affect a User's credit score

Active Usage Policy  

  • Clients/Companies on the Free Forever Plan or Complimentary Pro Plan (availed through complimentary credits) or other Complimentary Plans will will require Active Usage of the Kredily Platform to continue to enjoy their current plan

  • The Active Usage Policy is defined as:

  • 80% of Active employees access the platform at least once in a month

  • Payslips are generated for at least 80% of the onboarded employees by 15th day of next month. (Ex - Payslips for November 2021 to be generated by 15th December 2021)

  • Failure to comply with the Active Usage Policy will revoking of complimentary credits availed on Kredily, Subscription Downgrade and/or revoking Platform Access


  • Clients/Companies need to complete their KYC by updating/uploading their: PAN, GST Info & Address Proof

  • Employees need to complete their KYC by updating/uploading their: PAN & Address Proof

  • Clients/Companies/Employees that do not complete their KYC may face account suspension

Liability limitation  

  1. The owner of the Site and affiliated party will not be responsible for any harm, claim, injury, loss or damage as a result of –

    • The use of any document of and at the Site;

    • Any errors on the Site or its services and products;

    • Interruption or unavailability of the Site or its features;

    • Any use of the services offered at Site by the user;

    • Failure or delay in the performance of the Site and the services offered by it.

  1. The liability of the owner and the affiliated parties regarding the claim related to the Site or its product, documents, information and services offered will never exceed over Rs. 1000/- and that amount will be against the compensation of all other remedies which the users may have against the website owner or any affiliated party.

Linking to the Site

Links of the Site cannot be provided by the user until the user follows these conditions –

  • The Site of the user should not be indulged in pornography, malicious or any unlawful content;

  • The user does not obscure or remove the copyright notice, terms and advertisements on the website.

  • The user agrees to discontinue the links of Kredily to his/her site immediately if requested by the owner of the site.

Links to different websites  

  • Our website may have links to other websites. In such a scenario, the owners of Kredily are not liable for the accuracy and legality of any such content given in those websites as the websites are not monitored and checked for the accuracy and appropriation of their contents. Inclusion of the link of any website to Kredily doesn’t represent any approval of those websites by Kredily owners. Thus, if the user leaves this website and gets connected to any third party site, it will be on his/her own risk. Kredily will not be responsible for any problem thus caused to the user.

Data Retention Policy

Account Deletion Requests sent to support@kredily.com will lead to deletion of account and associated Client/Company information except for personal profile of Employees. Independent of an Employee’s association with Client/Company, the Kredily Platform provides an array of financial services/products. Kredily will provide continued access to financial products/services to Employees even after deletion of Client/Company information or change in an Employee’s employment status with Client/Company. However, the Employee will have access to ONLY their Personal Profile & Personal KYC Information. They will NOT have any access to any information related to the Client/Company.

Information retained includes:

  • personal details

  • contact number

  • personal email id

  • address of residence

  • family details

  • education details

In order to delete their Kredily Profile, the Employee can send a Deletion Request to support@kredily.com from their registered email address.

Description and Acceptance of Services offered by Kredily

Kredily also has a marketplace embedded in HRMS, for loan, credit card and other financial products, which are brought to you by various companies / institutions. Additionally, Kredily may offer third party services which may include but not limited to credit check services, Aadhaar based verification service of UIDAI, and any other services to use your information through third party websites in addition to the service selected by you. The services described here are offered on a best effort basis and the user agrees to participate and avail these services as per his/her will and consent and without any liability on us.


Advertisements and sponsorships are allowed in the Site. Advertisers and sponsors will be responsible for assurance that the ad material submitted on the Site complies all the applicable terms and laws. The owner is not responsible for any inaccuracy, problem, error or illegality in the advertisement or sponsorship content. The rights of refusal of accepting any advertisement are reserved with the owner of the Site.

Errors, corrections and changes

We don’t warrant or represent that the Site and the services offered herein are free from errors, defects, malwares and harmful elements. Also, we don’t give any warranty against the information availed on the Site is accurate, updated and reliable. The features, contents and functions of the Site can be changed by the owner according to the requirement without any prior notice to the users. All the rights of editing or deleting the documents are reserved with us as the owner.

Third party content

The Site permits third party content to be appeared through various links provided on the Site. The owner will not hold any responsibility for any errors, mistakes, falsehood, pornography or illegal content, or misstatement of facts or laws on the Site. The information and views presented in the third party content solely represent the thoughts of the author and does not represent the belief of Kredily and its owners.

Unlawful activity  

We reserve all the rights for investigation of complaints and reported violations of terms mentioned herein. We can further take appropriate action against the suspected unlawful activity. The actions involve reporting such activity to the law enforcement officials and regulators; disclosing the personally identifiable information to investigation officers and law officials and such other remedies as available under applicable law.


The user agrees for indemnification, defending and holding us (the owners of the Site) and its partners, officials, agents, employees, successors, assigns, contractors and third party suppliers of documents, advertisers, service providers and affiliates, harmless from the claim and expenditure, loss and liability along with the reasonable fees of attorney; in connection with the violation of terms and conditions of the website.

Nontransferable Rights  

User’s right for using the website is not transferable. Thus, any password or right to access the contents of the website given to a particular user cannot be transferred to someone else.


The content, documents and information represented in Kredily are provided ‘as they are received’, ’as available’, ‘with’, ‘all warranties’, implied or express are disclaimed. The information can bear errors, bugs, faults, mistakes and problems. We and affiliated parties are not liable for the use of the information and service by the user. We and affiliated parties do not hold the liability of any direct, indirect, situational, incidental and consequential damage. Limitation and negation of damages explained above are basic elements of the bargain between the owner and the user of the Site. Any advice or information obtained by the user from the website in any manner will not create any guarantee or warranty in the agreement. The liability for the damages caused by the viruses carried by the electronic files including a document or form is disclaimed.

Use of information

As a user, you acknowledge that you are responsible for the material submitted by you and for the legality, originality, reliability and copyright of the material; not the owner of Kredily.

Third party merchant policies

All policies, rules and terms of merchants will be applied upon the user while being in any merchant site. The owner of the Site will not be responsible for the information provided to the user by the merchants. The owner of Kredily and its merchant should be seen as independent contractors and neither party is authorized for any commitment on behalf of another.

Statement on site  

The Site may involve statements about the strategies, operations, financial condition, prospects and financial performance, products and services, plans and motives etc. The basis of these statements is prediction and estimation subjected to uncertainties. Many of the statements based upon the estimation are beyond the control of the owner of the Site. The statements having words in the site like ‘expects’, ‘believes’, ‘seeks’, ‘plans’, ‘intends’, ‘looks forward’ and similar words indicate towards the forward looking statements which comes under the securities law. In such condition, the Site and the information provided by it never constitutes any offer for selling of the securities. This kind of information will not be incorporated into any filings based upon securities.


We respect the intellectual rights and property of others and expects the same from its user. If the user thinks that any content or document of its website has been copied in a way that infringes the copyright, the user should provide following information to us–

  • A description of the copyrighted work which is claimed by the user to be infringed;

  • Physical or electronic signature of the authority to act on behalf of the copyright interest’s owner;

  • Description of the location of the content in the site which has been claimed to infringe the copyright;

  • Address, Email address and telephone number of the person who claims infringement of copyright;

  • A statement by the person who claims infringement of copyright regarding the belief that the copyright owner or any of its agents is not authorized for the disputed use;

  • A statement by the person who claims the infringement of copyright regarding being the copyright owner or acting on behalf of the copyright owner and the information is accurate in his/her notice; and

  • A contact email has been provided in the website to reach the owner of Kredily.

Legal compliance  

The user agrees to comply with the ordinances, statutes, domestic and international laws applicable while using the Site and the content and document of the Site including these terms and conditions.

Press releases and information  

Press releases and information about the owner of the Site are contained on Kredily, if any. The owner disclaims any obligation for updating the press releases or any information. Moreover, information and press releases about the companies other than us should not be relied.

Visitors from outside India

The Site and services are offered from India. We make no representations or warranties that the Site or the services are appropriate or available for use in countries outside of India. Visitors who choose to access the Site and services from outside of India do so at their own initiative and are responsible for compliance with any and all local laws and regulations that may apply to such access. If you use the Site outside of India, you consent to having your personal data transferred to and processed in India. Access to the Site and the services is prohibited where such access or use violates applicable laws or regulations.


The user should treat this agreement as though it has been performed and executed in Bengaluru, India. The agreement shall be governed according to the union of India’s laws. The agreement’s language should be taken in a fair meaning; not strictly against any party. All the incorporated terms to this agreement shall be assigned by the owner of the Site in complete discretion to a third party in case of sale, merge or lease automatically. If any part of the agreement proved to be invalid, that particular portion will be subjected for applicable laws but rest of the portion will remain in full effect. In case of any confliction regarding this agreement or anything affiliated with the Site, the agreement shall be treated in priority. The failure of the owner of the Site for enforcement of the agreement shall not be taken as renunciation of the provision. The rights of the owner of the Site remains reserved even in the condition of the termination of this agreement.